Organisation of the program

The PSME curriculum includes a comprehensive treatment of modern theory and empirical techniques. Students receive general training through core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic growth and econometrics ...


  • How to Apply?

    To apply for the Panthéon-Sorbonne Master's degree in Economics, students must provide the following:

    • A detailed CV in English
    • A cover letter describing interest in the programme, accomplishments, and future plans, specify if you would like to enroll in one of the specialized tracks or which specialized M2 program you hope to do if this is your wish (max: one page)
    • Certified English translations of academic transcripts
    • A copy of Bachelor's Degree in Economics (in case you are still an undergraduate student, please send us your transcript and as soon as you graduate and have your degree, send us a copy of it)
    • GMAT or GRE score if available (especially if your undergraduate degree is not in Economics)
    • An English language certificate: TOEFL scores (no older than 3 years, at least 550 for PBT; 80 for IBT; 213 for computer-based test) of at least 550 or another certificate deemed to be equivalent. If available, the TOEFL can be substituted by: PTE with an academic score of at least 54 or IELTS with an average score of at least 6.5
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • A copy of your passport
    • The following application form, Please indicate on the 2nd page of the application form if you would like to benefit from a double enrollment and complete one of the specialized tracks (Development, Finance, etc.):

    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    ALL applicants will need to complete an online application via between January 17th and April 15th.

    Application Instructions

  • Tuition Fees

    There are no application fees. The tuition fee for the academic year of the PSME is set to 6500 euros:

    If you are accepted by the admission committee, you will receive a link to pay these fees. The reservation fee is set to 500 euros that you should pay within 3 months after your admission and at least before 31st May. You should pay the remaining fees by 15th July. Starting in 2018 all students enrolling in a higher education institution in France must pay  CVEC fee (PDF 384 Ko) to support student life and campus life in France via The CVEC fee is not collected by the University nor the PSME program.

    The tuition fee covers 60 ECTS credits of courses in the Fall and the Spring semesters, which corresponds to what is required per year in the Bologna system.

    Some outstanding students from developing countries and having financial difficulties can obtain a partial exemption to  500 euros/year. You should provide your resource justification and a letter explaining your situation.

    These fees do not cover photocopies, books, accommodation, health insurance, meals, or general expenses. However,  reservation, library access and internet access will be provided.

  • Deadlines

    Early applications via email between October 15th - November 1st (necessary for Eiffel application)

    Regular applications via ecandidat between January 17th and April 15th

    Up to 60 students can be accepted in this programme (including up to 30 from the Fudan Program).

    All applications are examined and answered on an on-going basis. Hence the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to be accepted.

    WARNING: It is highly recommended that candidates submit their application as early as possible. Given the success of the program we will probably open a waiting list before the April 15th deadline.

    Note that early application is a prerequisite to be able to apply to scholarship programs, notably those offered by the French foreign affairs services.

    Early application also guarantees your access to one of the 20 student rooms that we pre-book for PSME students at the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

    Also note that the reservation fee has to be paid before the 1st of May and the remaining fees have to be paid by the 15th of July.

  • Selection Procedure

    We examine applications on an on-going basis. We provide our first batch of responses in January.
    We will only consider complete applications received. For those who apply before January, you should send us your application via email and then complete the online application process at ecandidat starting in January.  The 1st batch of applicants should receive a reply in February. For those who apply between January and April, we will give you an answer generally within 1 month after receiving your application. The admissions are done on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the better your chances of acceptance.

    If you do not hold a BA in economics, but have a university degree involving math and/or economics, you may still apply. The admission committee will decide if your economic background is sufficient for the PSME program. All those fitting this description who have additionally achieved a high standing from their university are encouraged to apply.

    Your proficiency in English is essential for the PSME program. If your mother tongue is English or you have been studying in English, you are exempted from providing an English certificate.

The Program

The Pantheon Sorbonne Master in Economics is the first year of Master studies in the European System. It is equivalent to an MSc in Economics. Upon successful completion of the 1st year PSME program, you have the opportunity to enroll in one of the 20 specialized 2nd year Master programs at one of the most reputed Economics departments in France and in the world. Created in 2007, The Panthéon Sorbonne Master in Economics is meeting a triple challenge:

  • Train international English-speakers in the field of Economics at the Master level and in French.
  • Prepare students for further specialization in the 2nd year master programs in France (Ex. Sorbonne School of Economics and Paris School of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics) or elsewhere in Europe (Ex.London School of Economics).
  • Build a world-wide network of highly educated, open-minded individuals with expertise in various fields of economics.

In addition to the general program, PSME now proposes three specialized tracks,with specialization courses in the following fields: Financial Economics, Development Economics and International Economics.

The Financial Economics track includes specialization courses in finance (Financial Markets, Principles of Corporate Finance, International Finance, Applied Data Science in Finance (Python)). Students will obtain an equivalence with the Master 1 «Monnaie, Banque, Finance, Assurance» and get a direct access to a Master 2 program in Financial Economics.

The Development Economics track includes specialization courses in development (Development policies, Development Macroeconomics, Empirical Methods). Students will obtain an equivalence with the Master 1 «Economie du Développement» and get direct access to a Master 2 in  «Development Economics» (in English) or «Economie du Développement Durable» (In English and French).

The  International Economics track includes specialization courses (European Integration, Applied Finance). Students will obtain an equivalence with the Master 1 «Economie Internationale / Economie de l’Environnement» and get a direct access to a Master 2 in this field in French with some courses in English.

An additional fee is required for the specialized tracks in order to complete the double enrollment in one of the national french M1 programs. This fee is determined by the French government every year in the summer and is around 250 euros.

Details on the program

  • Calendar 2022/2023

    Fall Semester :

    Courses : 12 September 2022- 16 December 2022
    Exams: 4 January - 20 January 2023
    French Language Exams to be held on December 16th
    Fall recess : 29 October - 6 November 2022
    Winter recess : 17 December 2022 - 2 January 2023

    National Holidays (No classes)

    All Saints Day: 1 November
    Armistice Day: 11 November
    Christmas Day: 25 December

    Spring Semester

    Courses : 23 January 2023 - 22 April 2023
    Winter recess : 26 February 2023 - 5 March 2023
    Spring recess : 22 April 2023 - 1 May 2023
    Exams  : 4 May 2023 - 20 May 2023
    Dissertation : 27 May no later than 14h

    Second Session (make up exams for the year)
    12 June 2023 - 30 June 2023

Pantheon-Sorbonne Master in Economics First Year (PSME)