Financial Economics Track

This track will give students with a background in economics a deeper understanding of the economic and quantitative tools applied to the field of financial economics. Students will be trained at an upper intermediate level (M1 level) and will have a broad understanding of the main themes in both economics and finance.

Interested applicants should clearly state in their motivation letter that they would like to apply to this track and choose the PSME Financial Economics track in the application form that they should submit along with the rest of the documents in the admission section.

This specialized training in financial economics allows for a better preparation and integration into the different M2 courses of the MBFA Master's degree. The main objectives, admission procedures, number of teaching hours (and ECTS credits), languages of instruction follow those of the main course of the PSME, but students enrolled in the "Financial Economics" course will follow a balanced mix of courses in economics and also in finance. This track allows students direct access to one of the 2nd year master programs in this field.

Courses in economics and languages are shared with the main course of the PSME, while courses in finance are either shared with M1 MBFA or created specifically for students in the PSME Financial Economics course.